There is no such thing as a simple real estate deal.  Real Estate transactions have become increasingly complex and every deal requires a trained eye to make sure that the client's expectations are met.

Lawyers who master Real Estate Law have technical skills and the necessary business perspective to guide developers, landlords, tenants, property owners & managers and mortgage lenders, through the complexities of developing, financing and managing their real property assets.

Our lawyers have the skills and experience in real estate transactions, leasing, development and management. Your lawyer should be a business professional.

Real Estate Law requires a multi-disciplinary approach in real estate, commercial and dispute resolution in order to provide you with the best advise. We use strategy and sound tactics to negotiate with purpose and conviction.

Our advice is straightforward and intelligible, without the confusing legal jargon and we focus on achieving our client's business objectives without needless hassles or "over lawyering" the file. 

Our real estate & commercial leasing services include:

  • Acquisition, development and sale of real estate projects, whether land, residential/multi-unit residential, commercial or industrial
  • Commercial Leasing & Property Management issues including industrial and retail leasing transactions for landlords, tenants, and property managers
  • Condominium development including registration and unit sales, both of residential and commercial/industrial projects
  • Construction & Development Law including new home subdivision sales, negotiation of development agreements, processing and registration of plans of subdivision and sale and purchase of subdivided lots
  • Formation and Dissolution of Joint Ventures and Partnerships
  • Land Development
  • Land Transfer Tax Issues
  • Mortgage remedies, including power of sale, foreclosure and judicial sale
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Real Estate Litigation including lease enforcement, mortgage enforcement and resolution of title problems
  • Service Supply Agreements
  • Site Licenses
  • The financing of real estate, including conventional mortgages, interim construction financing, permanent financing, sale, leasebacks and profit participations
  • The structuring of real property ownership, including limited partnerships, joint ventures and co-ownerships